TEDx ICTMumbai

The TEDx ICTMumbai TALK ONLY Event was held on January 6, 2015 at the KV Auditorium.

Eeshani Godbole reports…

The TED talks were introduced with an objective of introducing the world to innovations in technology, entertainment and design. It was started with the spirit of sharing ideas.

Overview of the KV Auditorium during the Talk Only event

Overview of the KV Auditorium during the Talk Only event

ICT has brokered a license to conduct the TED talks under the banner of TEDx ICT Mumbai. This was done with the underlying intention to create a thought revolution. The first TEDx ICT event was a talk only event held on the 6th of January, 2015.

The Tree of Light, near the venue.

Professor S. S. Bhagwat introduced the idea behind the TEDx programs and encouraged us to bring out our creative side. Three different videos were screened. The first one was a talk by Apollo Robbins. He spoke about the art of misdirection. He introduced us to how our mind controls what we say and what we pay attention to. With various tricks, he made us realize that ‘Attention steers perception and it shapes our reality.’ He ended the talk with a thought provoking question, ‘If you could control someone’s attention, what would you do with it?‘ Bhagwat Sir commenced the talk with an interactive discussion that was focused on this very question. The audience responded optimistically with different answers to the same question. This video was followed by a talk by Jane McGonigal. She introduced us to a very new game – massively multi player thumb wrestling. The auditorium participated in the game with a lot of enthusiasm. The game brought huge smiles on everyone’s faces. Following this, Susan Lee spoke about ‘growing your own clothes.‘ Intriguing as it may sound, Susan Lee being a designer has developed a technique using green tea, sugar and microbes to produce cellulose based ‘fabric’. After she discussed the properties of the material, Bhagwat Sir asked everyone about different ways to implement its properties. The responses received were very innovative and showed that the audience was inspired to think and share ideas.

Professor Bhagwat enlightened the audience with his performance on the flute, moreover talking about how he made the flute himself.

Some of the attendees of the Talk Only Event

Some of the attendees of the Talk Only Event

Following the interactive session, Nidhi Pant gave the vote of thanks and the evening drew to a close.

Professor Bhagwat was very impressed with the idea of inculcating such an initiative in our institute and said, “I am very impressed with the level of participation shown by the audience. I enjoyed as much as they did.”

Akshata Kulkarni, our Cultural Secretary, praising the well organized nature of the event said, “The live event which we plan to host soon will be something everyone is really looking forward to. We hope to continue this tradition in the future as well.”

Soham D’Souza, the curator of TEDx ICT Mumbai wanted this to be a platform to encourage people to think and interact. He said, “ICT has tremendous talent. We wanted all the students to come together and interact, to share ideas and think innovatively. This idea sharing platform will also prove to be instrumental in shaping the brand value of ICT. We hope that the ideas and thought processes which people get during these sessions will be extrapolated in their research. It is a very tedious process to get the license for the TEDx talks. There are strict guidelines to be followed and rulebooks to adhere to. We have Mr Yashraj Akashi as our appointed mentor and he is the curator of TEDx gateway.”

Nidhi Pant, also on the organizing team, believes that as the world races towards innovation and towards making breakthroughs in the field of science, technology, commerce and arts, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai also finds it important to expose its students to the ever-changing world around them. “With this TEDxICTMumbai endeavor, ICT plans to inculcate the spirit of sharing ideas, discovering new ways of looking at the way things happen, and promoting the path of innovation among the students. The world is a global village and ICT intends on making sure that its students are citizen of this new world”, she added.
Furthermore, she said that they plan for the TEDx ICT Mumbai endeavour
to be a platform for action-inspiring talks by thought leaders and innovators to encourage creative collaboration. As for the way the program went about, she said, “Guests participated in an environment where information and energy from TED-style talks could be channeled into change and growth in their communities, their creative centers, and at home.”

Kony Chatterjee, who was an integral part believes that the future of TEDx as a community in general is only going to be even more exciting as local communities all around the world have a platform to showcase their ideas, thereby enabling an exchange of information like never before. As for the future of the TEDx ICT Mumbai, she commented, “In the future of TEDxICTMumbai, I’m eager and excited about the live event which would finally propel us into the TEDx community and would be an excellent platform where students can be exposed to something unconventional and innovative at the same time. Since all of us had watched many TED as well as TEDx talks and even attended TEDx talks in Mumbai, we wanted to bring that atmosphere of sharing ideas and creating a dialogue between the students, as well as between the professors and the students into our institute. I feel very thankful to our Vice Chancellor Professor Yadav for encouraging us, Professor Bhagwat for being so supportive and hosting the event so brilliantly as well as the current Technological Association for helping this event happen. Of course this also would not have been possible without the help of all the juniors who did the actual running around and finally the TEDxICTMumbai team of Soham, Nidhi, Abhishek, Ameya who were an integral part of the ideation that led to the event being such a success.”

The creative side flowing at the TEDx ICT Mumbai event.

The creative side flowing at the TEDx ICT Mumbai event.

We sincerely thank all of those who worked really hard to put up such a wonderful event for all the ICTians. We hope to see this event grow in the future.



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