Montica Sawant, Junior Editor, The Spirit of ICT reports on the Drama Night – Monsoon Night held on the 26th of August, 2014 at the Mysore Auditorium, Kings Circle…

‘The world is a complicated place, and there’s a lot of division between people. The performing arts tend to unify people in a way nothing else does.’

-David Rubinstein

The evening of the 26th of August could be described in a lot of ways – grand, momentous, electrifying, but most of all it was a celebration of art in all its glory. It was history in the making, as this was the first time The Drama Night as a part of Freshers 2014, followed by the Monsoon Night (Organised by the Music Club of ICT) took place in the Mysore Auditorium at Kings Circle. And what a night it was!

DRAMA NIGHT: The Drama night which began sharp at 5 pm brought along with it hordes of laughter along with a reality check. All the three dramas, English, Hindi and Marathi left the entire Auditorium in splits. Centered on serious issues like corruption, the Rahul Gandhi-NaMo dynamic, and treatment of patients in mental asylums, the plays brought Singhams, Kamaal R. Khans, Alia Bhatts and Rahul Gandhis to life, in the most whimsical ways. The Solo dance competition, too, set the crowd in a wild frenzy. The event was excellently managed thanks to Mrunal Sakharkar (Freshers OEH), Omkar Bhatavdekar (Freshers OC) and their team.




“Deewanaa huaa baadal, Saavan Kii Ghataa Chhaai, Ye Dekhake dil Jhuumaa, Lii Pyaar Ne Angdhaai”.

Dance performance at Monsoon Night!

Dance performance at Monsoon Night!

As the rain clouds enveloped Kings Circle, Mysore Auditorium was drenched in the beautiful melodies of the Monsoon. The Monsoon night started off with Vijayalakshmi Natarajan’s soulful rendition of ‘Ab ke Saavan’ by Shubha Mudgal followed by the Music Club Secretary Prateeti Ugale and Art Club Secretary Juhi Chaudhary delivering an enticing dance performance on ‘Taal’. From timeless classics like ‘Deewana Hua Badal’ and ‘Rim jhim gire saavan’ to contemporary numbers like ‘Paani daa Rang’, ‘Kabhi Jo Baadal’, ‘Iktaara’ and ‘Let her go’, the atmosphere was melancholic and tranquil. The elegant dance routine on the ‘Pyaar hua Ikraar hua hai’ medley brought back memories of Raj Kapoor and Nargis walking in the rain, making us fall in love all over again. The Music Club Secretary Harsh Vedant’s gorgeously unrefined vocal rendition of ‘Bheegi Bheegi’ and Rutuj Kulkarni’s ‘Breathless’ left the audience breathless indeed. The dance sequences on peppy Bollywood numbers made the audience want to let go and dance in the rain! Sonalika Bhattaccharjee’s ‘Set fire to the rain’ did justice to Adele’s original. Electrifying numbers like Coldplay’s ‘Fix you’ and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Rain dance Maggie’ (The bass was the winner for me) resonated through the thunder. Sanket Bindra’s witty tid-bits never failed to impress and he played the superlative host through the evening.

Bhagwat Sir performed a melodious tune with the flute!

Bhagwat Sir performed a melodious tune with the flute!

Anand V Patwardhan Sir's soulful singing was literally 'music to our ears!'

Anand V Patwardhan Sir sung the famous ‘Koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai toh’

Professor Deshmukh exhibiting his superlative singing skills!

Professor Deshmukh exhibiting his superlative singing skills!

The event was graced by the presence of faculty members who have been actively supporting all the Music Club activities. Bhagwat Sir’s harmonic Flute melody was serene. Deshmukh Sir’s hearty performance rocked the entire audience and Anand V. Patwardhan Sir’s youthful rendition of ‘Koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai toh’ was exuberant. The Queen of Music, Ex-ICTian, Sneha Karthikeyan paid a surprise visit. Her Vocal rendition of ‘Bole re papihara’ was other worldly.

Music Club Secretary - Harsh Vedant

Music Club Secretary – Harsh Vedant

All in all, the Monsoon night turned out to be a great hit with the students and the professors alike. It was a magical night that bore fruit due to the cumulative efforts of all the Ex-Music club secretaries who have made the club what it is today; like Sneha rightly said, ”From a tiny baby to a fully functioning family”.

Dance performance at the Monsoon Night!

Dance performance at Monsoon Night!

Excellent singing exhibited by the performers!

Excellent singing exhibited by the performers!


Omkar Bhatavdekar, Overall Coordinator, Freshers 2014: “This academic year started a little late but along with it came so many new changes that have taken the cultural spirit of ICT to a whole new level. For the first time in ICT we had our monsoon night in a packed Mysore auditorium. It was preceded by the Freshers Drama Night that scaled heights never imagined before. Not only the students but the professors were also enthralled by the performances and they themselves entertained the crowd to the fullest. I hope the trend continues and it just gets better and better as the year goes on.”

Saumya Tripathi, Member of the Music Club: “We had been practicing almost daily for the past three weeks. It was exhausting but we had a ball. The response received was good. I’m happy we were able to put up a good show.”

Prateeti Ugale, Music Club Secretary: “After a huge success of the Music Club event, the Monsoon Night, it feels great, not only to be a member but also a secretary of the club consisting of such enthusiastic and cooperative people! The fun during the practices and rehearsal is unforgettable. Special thanks to Professor R.R Deshmukh and Professor Anand Patwardhan for their huge support right from the beginning. I would also like to thank the professors who took out the time and visited the auditorium for the Monsoon Night. All those who performed (the instrumentalists, singers and dancers) on that day were amazing. It felt great to perform in front of such a superb audience. Thank you Siddhant, Akshata and Shantanu and last but not the least, Harsh Vedant for being such a supportive secretary, it wouldn’t have been possible without you. LET THERE BE MUSIC, LET THERE BE MAGIC!”

Harsh Vedant, Music Club Secretary: I was enthralled by the audience and the performers were cheered for immensely. We were overjoyed that the professors shared their talents and showed their musical side. A special thanks to all the instrumentalists and technicians without whom the event would have been impossible. We hope the Music club can kick on from here and scale new heights.

Sameer Kamath, Lead Drummer: The Monsoon Night was exhilarating in every sense because I have never drummed for so many songs together at a stretch! It was an amazing feeling. The practices were a lot of fun, the bloopers especially. All in all, an amazing experience.

Akshata Kulkarni, Cultural Secretary: As it was the first music club event, I was anxious but at the same time excited. The venue was an issue, but AVP sir came up with the idea of hosting it in Mysore Auditorium. We all were happy but at the same time knew that it would take efforts. Siddhant (GS) and Shantanu (Treasurer) were on it already. The Music Secretaries (Harsh and Prateeti) were also doing their part, in fact much more than that. Practices took place almost every day. It was seen to it that both events (Drama Night and Monsoon Night) started on time, and they did. A big thank you to Mrunal, Omkar and their team. Everyone was enthralled to see their batch mates performing so well on the stage. An altogether different class of dances were put up by the dancers. The faculty also contributed equally to the event. We also had a surprise performance by Sneha, one of the ex-ICTians who encouraged us to take the music club to newer and greater heights. I’m sure with secretaries like Harsh and Prateeti, we would be able to do this quite easily. I was happy and content that the audience enjoyed the event. But let me tell the readers that this was just the start; the music club has a bag of surprises for you guys. Keep up the excitement!”


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