If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact the SPIRIT team or write to  


Q. What is “Theme of the Month”?

A. The “Theme of the Month” is an initiative to have a more guided presentation of The Spirit Magazine where every month we shall pick a new theme to display our writing and photographing prowess in.

Q. How can I find out what the “Theme of the Month” is?

A. Like our Facebook Page – to stay updated about the theme. Not on Facebook? Look around in the college campus for notices about the same and in case there aren’t any, feel free to email us at or contact any one of our editors to find out about the theme.


Q. How can I read articles uploaded on the SPIRIT site?
A. You can read the articles by clicking on any of the following links displayed on the page :-

ARCHIVES will contain articles as per the month of uploading.

PAGES  will contain the various articles classified based on the category to which they belong.

Q. How can I receive regular updates from SPIRIT?

A. To follow the SPIRIT blog and receive notifications on the recently uploaded articles, subscribe by entering your email address in the “Follow us by email” option on the right side of the page.

Q. Can I post comments on the uploaded articles?
Yes, you definitely can! In addition to posting comments and nested comments, there are options to “Like” as well as “Share” the articles. Make the most of these interactive features and enjoy your SPIRIT journey!

Q. I enjoyed a particular article; how can I read more such articles by this person?

A. TAGS are enclosed below the titles of the most articles. These are labeled after the author of the article. To access other articles published by a particular author, click on this tag. All articles published by the individual will appear.

For example, if ABC has written an article, the tag enclosed below the title of the article will include:
Filed Under: ABC



Q. I’ve been bitten by the Writer’s Bug! Can I publish articles for the SPIRIT?
A. Absolutely! SPIRIT has been created with the vision of providing an online platform for all ICT-ians to share thoughts and ideas. There is no restriction on the number of articles one can publish!

Q. I want to publish articles on THE SPIRIT MAGAZINE, but I am not a good writer!
A. The SPIRIT team does not believe in withholding publications on any grounds. There is no “bench mark” on the quality and length of the articles. Our dedicated team of Editors can make the necessary alterations/ suggestions to your work, with your consent.

Q. What sort of articles can I post on the SPIRIT?
A. Popular sections of the SPIRIT include Sports, Books, Entertainments, ICT Buzz, Just for Fun, Poems, etc. You are also welcome to write on ANY topic of your choice. The Spirit Team will be glad to assist you with ideas/ suggestions.
Marathi/Hindi articles as well as photographic entries are also welcome!

NOTE: Articles slandering the Institute, faculty or any student WILL NOT BE published.

Q. I am interested in publishing my article on the SPIRIT; how should I proceed?
Once you are satisfied with your article, enclose the attachment file (please refrain from attaching .pdf files) and email to Please include the following:
* Tile of the article (at the top of the article)
* Your Full Name (also at the top of the article)
* Your current year and Branch in ICT (at the top of the article)
* For photographic entries/poems/cartoons/doodles: Taglines (quotes can be included) and/or personal views.

Q. I have emailed an article to How long until I receive a reply from the SPIRIT team?

A. A maximum period of 48 hours will be required before the SPIRIT team can confirm about publishing your article.

Q. I received a confirmation mail from the SPIRIT team. Now, when will my article be uploaded on the SPIRIT site?
A. Articles will be uploaded regularly on the site. Usually, 2-3 articles will be uploaded a time. You will receive an email, once your article has been uploaded on the site.

Q. Apart from English articles, what else can I publish on the SPIRIT?
A. We have reserved Categories for Hindi, Marathi and Photography. Feel free to contribute in all of the above!

Be a part of the SPIRIT revival. If you are interested in reviving SPIRIT, please encourage your fellow classmates to contribute through articles, sharing, comments, etc. If you feel there is another ICT-ian with exception writing abilities, please get in touch with him/her, or feel free to contact us. Enjoy browsing through our library of uploaded articles and make use of the ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Comment’ features.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your SPIRIT journey! 


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