Mumbai, Bombay, Bombai

(Above Photo by Sunhil Sippy – Into the Crowd, 2012 –

From a Portuguese Colony in the 16th Century to a modern global city, this place has been called many names. But for me personally, it will always mean Home.

By Ishan Singh Kohli

Alumnus, Class of 2012

Born and brought up here and having seen Mumbai from really close quarters I believe I am one of the few lucky people to have seen it all. From the floods, which brought us to a standstill, to the blasts which rocked our locals, to the terror crisis in 2008, Mumbai has truly seen everything.

Mumbai is about speed, about growth, life and activity brewing at every street and nukkad. Mumbai never sleeps – a very common used phrase which goes deeper. It represents an opportunity like no other; not just to earn a living but also as an escape. A place, where a great number of Indians in many ways feel liberated almost as the phrase “Vegas Baby” sort of liberates us. With its more than talked about night life, the bars which go on till the mornings, the clubs and pubs mushrooming out of nowhere, & the urban youth that lives in Goregoan and dreams of Manhattan, Mumbai to the rest of India is a party like no other. And in so many ways I found this concept so strange. In Mumbai, no matter who you are or what you do, you don’t get judged and in my opinion this heaven may care attitude is what makes us different from others. That in this city, nobody over-thinks or over-compensates for the presence or lack of a certain character trait . If we look pragmatically, it is this attitude which helps the city at the time of a crisis. Life moves on swiftly here, without people having the time to ponder over tragedies in crippling melancholia.

I believe that this is the reason that Mumbai, more than just the financial capital of the world, continues to inspire me.


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