The Spirit of ICT, 2014-2015

We’ve (finally) launched – after a hectic couple of weeks that were spent in editing, designing and compiling.

This would not have been possible without your support and encouragement and we are extremely grateful to you for helping us achieve our aim. This is only the first issue this year and only a starting point from where we plan to take it to greater summits.
The ISSUU link hosting the magazine is:

In case you are unable to access the link, please shoot us an email at and we shall do the needful 🙂
And of course – we would love to get a feedback, please do write to us at
Pinaki Ranadive, Senior Editor

Rebirth. Reformation. A new beginning. Numerous words erupted as we tried to describe what the Spirit stands for. Two seemed to do the job:

Spill [spil] v.  To run without restriction; to surge forth; to flow freely without any inhibitions

Soul[sohl] n. The innermost essence of life; the symbol of one’s hopes, beliefs, and aspirations; what one stands for

Bingo! There it was. The complete story. Or was it? Was something fundamental left out?

Your[yoor] adj. : Everything that pertains to you. Your ideas, beliefs and opinions. What defines you. Moves you. Makes you tick.

So here it comes. The perfect platform to tell that story. To share those views. It’s the place where you’ll hear the voice of every corner of ICT– in a single chorus. So, go ahead. Write, draw, doodle. Pour your heart. Spill your soul.


sys poster




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